Since it was first published in 2005, my book To the Wilderness and Back has sold to people from Alaska to Texas, North America to the UK, it's even been auctioned off on ebay. Almost everyone who bought a copy was touched in some way by the Move. Some had been involved themselves, a few still are, some had parents or other loved ones who were, others wanted to know more about these communities that had sprung up near their towns. Many have shared their experiences of concern, confusion, and even escape.

When I wrote To the Wilderness and Back some called me brave to put myself out there. At the time, I didn't see it that way, only that I was writing about the Move. Since then, many readers have asked me questions like, "What happened to you next?" and "When are you going to write a sequel?" Others wanted to delve deeper into some ideas only lightly touched on in the book, like the trials of single parenting.

Although at this point a sequel is not in the works (I am currently writing a mystery novel), I do wish to provide a forum for the many issues this book and the Move as a whole have brought up. Periodically I will post new essays on topics people have asked me about or those I didn't get to explore fully in the book. I will provide some links to other good resources, not just on the Move but on sound theological doctrine. I also want to provide a place for others to share their stories.

You will also find out more about me here. Some personal essays, poems and songs I have written, even some hints about my next major writing project - a series of.....ah, you'll have to look a little further for that hint. You'll get to see my most cherished blessings--my three children and five grandchildren. They inspire me, love me, and make me feel more blessed than I deserve. Getting more than we deserve, that is called grace. I believe in grace.

I have spent more than thirty years as a registered nurse, working most of that time in obstetrics, the place of new beginnings. Maybe that's why I have loved it so much; I have seen my share of them, so I believe in new beginnings.